The Art of Chris Cole


Do you believe in magic? 

I believe that art is magic - a spell cast in graphite and paint; a nebulous wisp of inspiration plucked from the ether and transmuted into imagery. It tells a story that is both the story of the artist AND the viewer. Like dreams, it's a portal into another world where all things are possible.

Join me on a journey of imagination, and let me share the magic with you! 



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A colourful new alcohol ink and digital, mixed media painting  added to the Abstracts Gallery and available for purchase as prints and other merchandise.


 I'm an artist and a dreamer, painting my world into being, in a little studio in Port Moody, British Columbia. My work is an exploration of magic and myth painted in a blend of traditional and digital media. 

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Art is as much about joy as it is about pain. Sometimes it's about the messy in-between places. It is always about the mystery.