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Do you believe in magic? 

I believe that art is magic - a spell cast in graphite and paint; a nebulous wisp of inspiration plucked from the ether and transmuted into imagery. It tells a story that is both the story of the artist AND the viewer. Like dreams, it's a portal into another world where all things are possible.

Join me on a journey of imagination, and let me share the magic with you! 



Latest News

"Kaleidoscope Sea”

New mixed media painting added to the Abstracts Gallery.


The first image in the "Labyrinthos" series is up for viewing in the Labyrinthos Gallery.

“Boudica - The Aftermath”

New image in the Magical Realism Gallery.


 I'm an artist and a dreamer, painting my world into being, in a little studio in Port Moody, British Columbia. My work is an exploration of magic and myth painted in a blend of traditional and digital media. 

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"Art is as much about joy as it is about pain. Sometimes it's about the messy in-between places. It is always about the mystery." - Chris Cole